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bulletAffordable entry fee includes laboratory testing
bulletMedical evaluation by a Board Certified Physician.
bulletTotal cost of standard 52-week program is normally les than a one-or-two night stay in many treatment centers.
bulletReasonable weekly fees.

To the community:

bulletProgram investment is the client's responsibility, not the taxpayer.
bulletRelieves jail overcrowding
bulletStaying sober and drug-free throughout the 52-week program occurs with the majority of participants.
bulletIncidence of re-arrest and/or criminal activity decreases in clients who follow the proven protocols.
bulletProgram duration- 26 minimum to two year maximum.
bulletIncidence of relapse decreases in clients participating in the program.

To the Family:

bulletAssists clients to retain employment.
bulletAssists families to remain intact.
bulletAverage family weekly income increases with the elimination of the costs associated with alcohol and drug use.
bulletPhysician counseling available to all family members.
bulletIncidence of domestic violence reduced.

To the Client

bulletClients stay sober and drug-free throughout the program.
bulletClients receive professional assistance and a recovery plan to help reduce the possibilities of a repeat incarceration.
bulletAssists clients to retain employment, families to stay intact.

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